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The Brand

The Brand

I'm Inspired. I Hope To Inspire. 

"Find a way, or make one" has become my motto, so that's exactly what Courtney Racquel is for me, a way. More specifically, a way to create something that is bigger than myself. A platform that allows me to share some of the love and messages that have cultivated and shaped who I am. I want to share these messages with the world through jewelry pieces reflective of love, connectivity and empowerment. 

My Inspiration

I was inspired to create the brand because there was a deep yearning within my spirit that wrestled within me to do more. I felt there was something more for me to do in the world and I knew creating beautiful meaningful things would be an important part of that. 

The brand is a culmination of my family influences, upbringing, spiritual journey, and deep yearning for personal freedom. I find conceptual inspiration in traveling, antique things, vulnerable conversations, and connecting with diverse people from all walks of life.

Transformative Elements 

The designs are inspired by transformative elements in nature (seasons, insects, flowers, beaches, ponds, the woods), emotions, and vintage style.  

What's more inspiring than vintage style? Reflect back to the '50s. Women were settling into the workforce after World War II, or returning to their previous roles as homemakers. Collectively, American women felt empowered and their style and jewelry eloquently expressed that. 

1950's Influence 

Factories use of synthetic fabrics and the plating of jewelry offered fresh possibilities for mass-producing fabulous fashion.

This granted the '50s an opportunity to offer variations of style cuts and fabrics, along with more advanced jewelry making techniques. The new supply filled with creative options garnered fresh energy for the fashion industry.

Golden Era of Television

Thanks to access to mass-produced fashion, the Golden Era of television and the success of retail advertising - consumer spending in the '50s led to a higher demand for clothing. And of course, glamorous jewelry to accompany those new found styles.

Poodle Skirts & Ponytails

Poodle skirts and ponytails, fitted jeans and slick-backed hair, bold but feminine jewelry—were iconic 1950's fashions and Courtney Racquel Jewelry is an ode and honor to that.

Dresses were expressive with rounded shoulders, cinched-in waistlines, exaggerated hips, and full skirts. Personal style, accompanied by layers of chunky gold-plated and bold jewelry was a lifestyle: a noteworthy vibe. 

'50s, '60s and '70s For The Win

In addition to the inspiration the '50s, '60s and '70s have had on the style sense of the women in my family and hence me, I've reflected on moments that profoundly shaped me. Those experiences create who I am, allow me to see the world through my lens, and drives my evolving curiosity. A culmination of those directed me towards identifying natural elements to create the authentic essence of Courtney Racquel Jewelry.

Our Collectors

Knowing that our collectors have their own unique experiences that have profoundly shaped them, and their journeys to find their own personal freedoms; I chose to use the compasses, dragonflies and flowers present throughout the designs as symbolic ways to connect them with their own personal stories. 

Childhood Memories

Growing up, my father taught me how to weld metals to make jewelry from scrap particles, while my grandfather carried a pocket compass that captivated me.

Forty-something years later, the idea that a compass always points north regardless of where you find yourself remains intriguing. So to no surprise, to remind our collectors that their north star is within and to trust it as an internal guide, a  stunning 18-point Swarovski Crystal compass is one of Courtney Racquel's staple elements. 

On the other hand, my maternal grandmother grew the most decadent flower garden year after year; while, there was a small pond in my grandparent's backyard that during summer months dubbed as the ultimate dragonfly retreat. 

Compasses, dragonflies, and flowers along with bold statement chains bring  magic to Courtney Racquel Jewelry. 

Your Story

I trust that you'll love connecting to and sharing your own story through the pieces I've created for you. 



Courtney Racquel 


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