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Our Signature Compass

Our Signature Compass

"Courtney Racquel signature piece is the Maybell Necklace  - a true embodiment of our brand's ethos: bold, timeless, and extraordinary.  At its heart lies an 18-point Swarovski crystal compass, precision cut to the highest degree, offering a dazzling focal point that can be removed for a simpler look."

Compasses, dragonflies and flowers are natural elements at the heart of the brand. Inspired by the nostalgia of pocket watches and the designer's enthusiasm with her grandfather's own pocket watch, the compass is a cue to trust your inner compass as your north star. 

At Courtney Racquel We Believe

You have everything within you to realize your fullest potential and Courtney Racquel Jewelry was created to remind you of that. We trust our collectors will recognize glimpses of their own voice, stories and wildest potential through the pieces we create and the community we cultivate.

Why Compasses

  • The word compass comes from the Latin words com meaning “together,” and passus meaning “pace or step”. Together, the word compass means to step together or to journey together.
  • Compasses represent balance. With its magnet situated on a pivot point, the needle of the compass moves freely and balances itself to point north. Reminding us that in order to find the right path, we must first find internal balance and harmony. 
  • Compasses give a sense of hope and inspire us to follow our hearts and your authentic path.
  • Compasses always point North, a direction that symbolizes progress, betterment, and inspiration.
  • Wearing the compass symbol is a sign of independence and confidence that comes from knowing that you’ll always find your no matter what.
  • They Help Create Meaning in Everyday Life: It’s inevitable that you have to do difficult things and face discomfort in life. However, looking at these challenges through the lens of your values can shift your narrative.

Shop our signature compass on the Maybell Necklace here.


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